Reporting Options

If a student believes they have been the victim of sexual misconduct or have knowledge of an incident of sexual misconduct, they are encouraged to report the incident to the university. Ideally a reporting student will direct their information to the Dean of Students/Title IX Coordinator. The student may wish to discuss the incident with another Ozarks employee. In these instances, be aware that all professional employees are identified as mandatory reporters and have a duty to report all claims of sex/gender violence or sexual misconduct to the Title IX Coordinator. The Title IX Coordinator will contact the reporting student and clarify their preferences for reporting/addressing the incident.

Students have the following reporting options available to them:

Confidential Report

If the reporting student would like the details of an incident to be kept confidential, they may speak with the University’s Counselor or University Chaplain. The University Counselor can be seen free of clergy/chaplains.

Informal Report

If the reporting student chooses to report the incident and ask that the university take no further action, an informal report will still be filed. The Title IX Coordinator will follow-up with the reporting student to communicate support resources and to confirm the reporting students wishes regarding institutional response. Even if the reporting student wishes to remain anonymous, some university officials will be notified about the incident. Those officials will keep your name in confidence to the largest extent possible. Informal reports will be kept by the Title IX Coordinator and reviewed for potential patterns or community safety concerns. If a pattern is noticed the Title IX Coordinator may initiate a formal report process (including investigation and adjudication) if necessary, in order to address the safety concern for the community.

Formal Report

If the reporting student indicates that they wish the institution to take action (including investigation and adjudication), the incident will be reported to the Title IX Coordinator. The Title IX Coordinator will follow- up with the reporting student to communicate support resources, confirm interest in filing a formal report, and to initiate the formal complaint process. Formal reporting still affords privacy to the reporting student, andonlyasmallgroupofofficials,whoneedtoknow,willbetold.Informationwillbesharedasnecessary with investigators, witnesses, and the respondingparty.

Pressing Criminal Charges

If the reporting student is interested in pressing criminal charges, the Clarksville Police Department will be called to conduct an interview. The Rape Crisis Center can have an advocate assigned to the case.