What is FIRST Week?

Literally everything you do at University of the Ozarks early on will be your FIRST.... Your first time staying in a residence hall, your first college class, your first time in the cafeteria. I think you get it. Right? Well we are committed to making your FIRSTs at Ozarks memorable and also use those opportunities to build a successful foundation for your time at Ozarks. 

So you may still be asking what is FIRST Week? FIRST Week is a combination of traditional orientation activities and a one credit hour pre-term course for our new students! The OLs that you have met at your O & R days will pick up right where they left off in the summer. With the help of your OLs, RAs, and faculty and staff, the FIRST Week Schedule will fly by filled with great fun and information that will help prepare you to be a successful Ozarks student. 


FIRST Week Activities

FIRST week is a unique program that allows first-year students to become familiar with Ozarks academic and student life through various events and programs. It’s an exciting week and one of the highlights of the Ozarks experience. 

Here’s a quick look at some of our FIRST Week festivities:

  • The Residence Hall Move-In is chalked full of excitement as the incoming class will finally move into the residence halls. It is a day filled with a lot of emotions and energy as the class of 2020 will get settled in their new home, meet new friends, and transition into the college lifestyle. 
  • The President's Welcome Dinner is one of the first meals served on the U of O campus, hosted by our University President, Richard Dunsworth and his family, it is a great time of fellowship and delicious food!
  • The Matriculation Ceremony officially welcomes you as a member of the Ozarks family and recognizes the commitment you and your family have made to be successful at the university. This is one of the most memorable moments of your time at Ozarks and will leave a lasting impression!
  • Small Groups are used throughout FIRST Week to help you better understand yourself, the transition you are experiencing, and the other members of your class. You will have a lot of fun, make fast friends, and build a great foundation for the upcoming year.
  • University 101, one of several entertaining awareness programs, is a series of skits performed by the Orientation Leaders. These skits are light-heart, but a poignant look at what choices to makes - and what choices not to make - in your first year of college. 
  • The Ozarks Experience Field Trip will take place on Tuesday, August 16th as everyone in the Class of 2020 journeys to Northwest Arkansas to visit the original site of University of the Ozarks (then Cane Hill School) and explores the cultural wonders of Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art. You will be joined by your OE faculty and peer mentors as your explore and learn more about the rich heritage of our institution and the region. 
  • Choose Your Own Adventure activities will take place on Sunday, August 21 throughout the afternoon. You will be able to choose from 5-6 different types of adventures including an Ozarks Outdoors (mini) trip, community service activities, recreational sports activities, and more! Or, you can choose to rest up before your first week of college officially begins!

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