Student Identification Card

Student University identification cards are issued to all students at registration.  The identification card is used for meals in the cafeteria, Library check-out, admission to athletic events, the use of recreational facilities and equipment, and admission to various campus programs.  Students should keep their IDs with them at all times as they are now used to access dorms and academic buildings. They may be requested by the Department of Public Safety or staff in case of an accident or other circumstances.  IDs can also be used to receive discounts from local businesses.  There is no charge for the ID card but a fee of $10 will be assessed to replace a lost one.  A replacement ID can be pick up from the Department of Public Safety office.

In compliance with federal law, and to best protect students from the risk of identity theft, Ozarks requires the verification of identity prior to enrollment.  Staff members will verify a student's identity by reviewing the following documents:

US Students  International Students
State Issued Driver's License or Photo ID Card.                                                    
Non-US citizens can submit their passport.
Social Security Card or a Photocopy of the card.    Permanent residents should bring PRA card or a photocopy of the card, as well as an official ID Card