Emergency Lights

There are 8 emergency phones located throughout campus.  There are three easily identifiable types of phones on campus.  The first is a black pole with “Emergency” printed on it with a blue light on top.  The second is a metal box with “Emergency” printed in red and a blue light at the top. The third is a metal panel with "Emergency" printed in red. These phones are pictured below.

To operate the emergency pole and metal emergency box, simply press the call button and dial 979-2020 for the Department of Public Safety. On emergency boxes where a telephone keypad is not available simply press the call/info button and it will automatically call the Public Safety Officer on duty.

For police assistance press the emergency button and a 911 dispatcher will answer immediately and provide assistance.  When the emergency button is active the blue strobe light will activate and the police will come to that phone location.   

Emergency Phones





These black poles with phones are located next to the Robson Library and Mabee Athletic Complex.

These metal boxes with blue lights are located in the Campus Apartment Complex and at the North Street Apartments.

These Emergency panels are located at the main entry of MacLean, King, and Smith Halls.