Reporting Crime

Crimes shall be reported to any or all of the following:

  • Department of Public Safety:  479-979-1425
  • Department of Public Safety (Cell): 479-979-2020
  • Clarksville Police Department: 479-754-8100
  • Johnson County Sheriff's Office: 479-754-2200

Emergency telephone numbers are posted in all three residence halls. The City Police Station is located within three blocks of campus at 1008 W. Main St. Clarksville, AR 72830.

If a crime, emergency, or infraction of campus rules occurs, the staff person present is expected to write an incident report and submit it to the Department of Public Safety. All students, faculty, and staff are given the freedom to respond to emergency situations as deemed necessary. If possible, an attempt should be made to contact someone with authority at the University. However, the University recognizes that it is not always possible, and students or staff should take the initiative to respond.