Vehicle Registration
University of the Ozarks requires all employees and students to register vehicles which they own or operate on the Ozarks campus or properties.  All registrants shall abide by all traffic and parking regulations outlined in this policy.

Vehicle registration shall take place at the time of regular registration for the fall, spring or summer semesters during the registration process.  There is no charge for a permit, however all faculty, staff and students must present a current Ozarks ID card before a permit will be issued.    

Permits are valid for the duration of the college experience for students and the duration of employment by the University for faculty and staff.  Permits must be displayed by hanging on the rear view mirror or being placed on the dash of a vehicle so the number can be read through the front windshield by someone looking in.  Permits can be moved from one vehicle to another vehicle.  

Permits are the responsibility of the registered user and must be removed prior to sale or transfer of vehicle.  Upon termination of employment or withdrawal from the university permits shall be turned into the Department of Public Safety office.  

Register Your Vehicle