Citations and Appeals


Citations are issued by University Public Safety employees.  The purpose of citations is not to raise revenue, but rather is intended to encourage order and proper use of university parking facilities. 

Citations may be issued for the following reasons and amounts:

·         No Parking Decal                                   $10

·         Reckless Driving                                    $15

·         Double Parking/Blocking                       $25

·         Parking in a “No Parking” Area             $30

·         Parking in Visitors Parking                     $25

·         Parking on the Grass/Sidewalk              $25

·         Parking in Disabled Parking                   $50

·         Parking in a Fire Zone                            $50



Appeals may be submitted to the Department of Public Safety.   Forms for this purpose are available in the Public Safety Office, located in the lower level of the Seay Student Center.  To be considered an appeal must be filed within 14 days of date on citation.  Findings will be returned by e-mail within 7 business days.


Students   Upon the expiration of the appeal period unpaid student vehicle citations that have been forwarded to the Business office are charged to the student’s campus account and added to the student’s next billing statement.

Employees  Upon the expiration of the appeal period unpaid employee vehicle citations are forwarded to the Business office and the employee may be billed for the citation.