Fire Drills and Fire Emergency Guidlines

The guidelines below outline the university's fire drill procedure and describe what to do in the event of an actual fire.

Fire Drills

  1. At a specified time, the Department of Public Safety will enter the building and engage the fire drill signal.
  2. When the signal sounds EVERYONE will leave the building by the nearest exit.
  3. When out of the building, occupants will assemble at:
    • Voorhees - Lower Johnson Street parking lot
    • All other buildings - The campus fountain
  4. Instructors shall count students from their classes. All individuals are encouraged to make sure that the individual who was next to them when the alarm sounded is safely out of the building.
  5. Wait for an all clear from a Physical Plant employee before re-entering the building.
There will only be one drill conducted per building per semester. If the alarm sounds after your drill has been completed, consider it to be an actual fire and act accordingly.


  1. At the first sign of fire or smoke, pull the fire alarm.
  2. Immediately leave the building following steps 2-4, above.
  3. Call Public Safety (479-979-4750),  from another building or from a cell phone after you exit
  4. If you are unable to reach Public Safety, or if smoke or fire are visible, call 911.

Occupants of the building should remain in the specified meeting place until dismissed by either the Fire Chief or Department of Public Safety representative.