Sexual Assault

The University of the Ozarks prohibits sexual assault on its campus and in connection with U of O sponsored programs or activities. Sexual assault includes forcible rape, non-forcible (e.g. consensual sex with a minor), rape by instrumentation, and sexual battery.


If sexual assault occurs, the complainant should report the offense to the Department of Public Safety and/or other campus offices or local police. University officials will provide emergency response for the complainant immediately following the alleged assault, and provide law enforcement investigative services as applicable. The person will be reminded of the importance of preserving evidence as may be necessary for the proof of criminal sexual assault, will be informed of his/her options to notify local law enforcement authorities, and will be told of his/her options to have campus staff assist him/her in such notification.

Should the act of rape occur, the victim should adhere to the following procedure:

  1. The person should not shower or change clothing
  2. The person should go to the emergency room of the Johnson Regional Medical Center immediately. There, the person should request a rape exam. (A special free kit is available for this purpose.)

The Department of Public Safety will provide support services, as well as referrals to local community assistance to the person who has been sexually assaulted. (Counseling Associates Inc. has a 24-hour hotline at 1-800-844-2066 for help at any time or the local office number at 754-8610 and the Ozark Rape Crisis Center (ORCC) can be reached by calling 754-6869.)

The individuals involved may request, through the Department of Public Safety, a change in academic arrangements due to circumstances precipitated by the offense. Assistance also will be given in making these changes if the options requested are reasonably available. The Department of Public Safety office will work with the Dean of Students in order follow established internal disciplinary procedures in investigating and adjudicating the incident.


The Department of Public Safety Office provides appropriate law enforcement/investigative services and, as needed, assists the victim of sexual assault in contacting the appropriate police department. The case may be addressed through the criminal justice system, and sanctions can include criminal penalties. In addition, students have access to the U of O institutional disciplinary system (see U of O Student Conduct Code) for prosecution of the perpetrator(s). Both the accuser and the accused shall be informed of the outcome of any disciplinary proceedings alleging sexual assault.

Educational Programs

The University of the Ozarks shall provide educational programs which promote awareness of sexual assault and the conditions which foster these offenses on a University campus. Programs designed to educate the University community on prevention of sexual misconduct shall be conducted each year. Additionally, literature addressing these subjects shall be distributed each year to members of the University community. The Student Life Office maintains resource materials available for use by any member of the University community and provides staff available for consultation. The Student Life Office is charged with the responsibility for coordinating and conducting the following:

  1. Distribution of information which clearly communicates U of O's position on this issue; e.g., all allegations of sexual misconduct will be treated most seriously and, if substantiated, will result in severe disciplinary and/or criminal penalties.
  2. Educational programs to enhance awareness of sexual misconduct on campus. These programs will be designed to educate and enlighten all members of the University community.
  3. Prevention programs to enable students, faculty and staff to better avoid being sexually assaulted.