Prohibited Software

Information technology personnel are occasionally confronted with computer issues caused by non-authorized software packages operating on University-owned PCs.

Please be aware that even seemingly harmless programs may, and often do, cause software conflicts that prevent your computer from functioning as an effective tool for your job. Some program types know to cause issues are:

  1. Pop up blockers
  2. Messenger programs
  3. Browser toolbars
  4. Email enhancement tools
  5. File sharing programs
  6. Weather apps
  7. Internet Radio

It is against University policy to download/install any computer program on a University-owned computer that has not been authorized by the University. The list above is being published to help answer questions and prevent future conflicts. Remember however that just because a particular type of program is not on this list does not mean it is authorized for use. No one should install any programs on their systems without permission or direction from their supervisor. If you, as a Supervisor, are in doubt about a particular program, please check with the Information Technology Department prior to making any authorization.