E-Mail Distribution List Policy
  1. The distribution list should be used when distributing official information for the University and the official groups that represent it.
  2. A list may be used for lost keys, wallets, identification, purses, books and backpacks.
  3. A distribution list shall not be used as a public forum, i.e.:  political, personal, or religious commentary. 
  4. No playing, joking, socializing, discussion or ridicule of any individual, group or idea will be tolerated.
  5. No solicitation, chain letters, or forwards will be tolerated. 
  6. No advertisement of items for sale.
  7. Replies should be sent to the originator only, not the entire distribution list or computer services.
  8. All announcements sent via a list shall adhere to the student handbook and the Acceptable Use Policy.
  9. Violation of a distribution list rule by an individual will be considered a disciplinary violation and will follow the Student Code of Conduct for resolution.
  10. Violation of a distribution list rule by a group or organization will be reviewed by the Student Government Association for disciplinary action. Groups found in violation may face charter revocation and loss of University privileges.