Copyright Policy

The Higher Education Opportunity Act (HEOA) was enacted in August of 2008 and is a reauthorization of The Higher Education Act of 1965. The Act  now includes provisions designed to reduce copyright infringement through the use of Peer-to-Peer (P2P) file sharing. 

Here at the Ozarks, our stance is that the most critical factor to combating the illegal use of Peer-to-Peer sharing of copyrighted materials is your awareness of the Federal Laws regarding such materials.    

Violating Copyright is Illegal.

If you download or share music or movies without permission from the copyright holder, you are Violating Copyright law which can lead to civil or criminal sanctions and penalties.  If the University receives notification from a copyright holder or agent, we are obligated by Federal Law to inform you of the claim of infringement.

You are responsible for your activity when using a computer on the network.

Although the University does not routinely monitor network traffic, many websites do. The university’s “Acceptable Use Policy” regarding campus IT resources states that:

“No one shall copy, install, use, store or distribute through University I.T. resources any   information in violation of U.S. copyright, trademark, or patent laws or applicable licensing agreements. It is the user’s responsibility to become familiar with the terms and requirements of any such laws or agreements.”